Massey Citizens and Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides free and confidential advice to everyone and helps you find the information that meets your needs.


The new Te Manwa Community Hub is a place to find stories and information through books of their vast access to digital resources. 


YMCA Auckland is a not for profit organisation, committed to strengthening families and youth development.


Plunket provides support servies for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5.

Henderson Massey Local Board

The Henderson-Massey Local Board is the Local Board for the Massey Area. Local Boards represent and make decisions for local communities as part of Auckland Council. 

Police Station

New Zealand Police is working with the community to make New Zealanders be safe and feel safe.

Community Patrol

The purpose of CPNZ is to empower communities to prevent crime and create safer environments through the utilisation of trained and equipped volunteers.