Laurel belworthy
Manager — Kaiwhakahaere

I work with the entire team to make sure they have what they need to do their mahi. I work with them to dream up new ideas to serve the Massey Community with, and to ensure Massey Matters is financially able to deliver programmes, events, activities and workshops to the community. I am also the go-between between Governance, who are our guiding body, and Henderson Massey Local Board, who are our major funders. When I can, I get out into the community and facilitate the BOOST programme, which I love doing as helping people reach their potential is a passion of mine. 


allen taua
Youth Coordinator — Kaimahi Taiohi

The staff at Massey Matters are incredible because they dream and think big, which is exactly what you need to create a culture in the community. Iam inspired everyday to help change people or add to their pack of skills just because of the vision we have for Massey. The skills that are invested in my role can create a fortune. I’ve learnt so many things in my role and am sure to learn so much more. The flexibility and the work life balance also allows me to engage with my kids lives and work on my passion which few have the opportunity to do. So am very grateful and humbled by this experience.

Samantha Baker
Hub Manager — Kaimahi Hapori

I grew up in the sunny Bay of Plenty and then moved to Hamilton for five years while I studied at the University of Waikato. Growing up in a small town I was never happy about how the town would be dismissed by other people and the media. I believe that strength lies in community connection and that working together can create real magic that overcomes any outside negativity.

I have lived in Massey since 2016 and absolutely love it. I currently work as the manager for the Manutewhau Hub. The hub is a safe space for the community to connect and access awesome groups, workshops and activities. I love working at the Hub because I get to meet so many amazing people. I love seeing people reach their potential and live their dreams. My job is all about helping to grow a stronger community so make sure to come in and say “Hi”. 

Tina Ngata
Hub Administrator — Kaimahi Hapori

I enjoy being a part of a team that is about the community and empowering people who want a helping hand. I am excited about my future not only for me, but for my family. I know that I am a role model for my daughters and that my success is within them.