Laurel belworthy
Manager — Kaiwhakahaere

In my role I keep the big picture of how Massey Matters rolls out projects and activities to fulfil its Mission; to provide a local framework to create change, find solutions and achieve aspirations. This includes funding, reporting, team management and development, networking with local and other organisations, working with the Massey Matters Board, budgeting and operations, standing up for Massey and creating opportunities for the team and community…

My fun fact is I dressed up as a Unicorn for New Year’s Eve as part of an effort to break the world record for most unicorns in one place. Unfortunately we failed!

My aspiration for 2019 is  for Massey Residents to stand up for Massey by volunteering with us or one of the hubs; to take up the challenge of leading change in their own community. It’s the bottom line of why we are here. Challenge given, come on Massey, rise!


In my role I’m lucky that my role involves a lot of fun stuff so I don’t always see them as tasks! I coordinate the Massey Community Fund, help organise the events that we put on, connect people and resources, try and find out what’s going on in our community so I can see how Massey Matters can help, co-facilitate our Boost course

My fun fact is I sing in a band

My aspiration for 2019 is That our ‘Love Massey’ campaign will continue to blossom


Samantha Baker
ManutewhauHub Manager — Kaimahi Hapori

In my role I manage the Manutewhau Community Hub. I do a bit of everything. From over seeing the daily running of the hub, to helping out at events and running the community lunches. Recently I’ve been helping with the Love Massey campaign which is so much fun. (check out Love Massey, on Instagram)

 No two days are the same in the life of Massey Matters staff.

My fun fact is I collect rocks from places I’ve visited. My most recent is a paving stone from Wall Street in New York.

My aspiration for 2019 is that we actually achieve our aspirations!! Meaning, I hope the community can come together and make their dreams a reality in 2019. Let’s stop saying ‘one day’ and start saying ‘today, now, let’s do this’.


Tina Ngata
Hub Administrator — Kaimahi Hapori

In my role I complete General office duties such as bookings, invoices and the day to day operations of the hub

My fun fact is  I live life on the edge

My aspiration for 2019 is Live the life you love, Love the life you live.


In my role I take care of the hub, help bring events and projects to life, promote the great activities that take place here & work to build connections with our lovely Massey residents that come into the hub.

My fun fact is I change my hair every few months!

My aspiration for 2019 is To grow a healthy herb garden 😊


In my role I meet and greet people and help them hire rooms for programmes and special events they are interesting in achieving and celebrating.

My fun fact is I love enjoying outside activities with friends and family. Being adventurous.

My aspiration for 2019 is to reassure myself every now and then to be happy,  just remember to enjoy life, no matter what, along with family and friends along the way too.


In my role I process all financial records income and expenditure, payroll, IRD obligations,  miscellaneous accounting tasks to ensure smooth financial operation of the organisation

My fun fact is I have been a resident of West Auckland for over 40 years                                                                                         

My aspiration for 2019 is to be more actively involved with our Massey Matters community projects.