Massey Matters is a Community Development Organisation serving both West and East Massey in West Auckland. Initiated by Waitakere Council in 2006, it continues to be supported by Henderson Massey Local Board today.  In 2011 it became an independent Incorporated Society which enabled the seeking of external funding to widen its community reach. 

Our Vision:

Massey | thriving local communities

Our team work with heart and passion empowering our community through delivery of a wide range of activities, workshops, funds, networks, programmes, events and our publication, Massey Community Pulse. We manage the Manutewhau Community Hub, which is situated outside West Harbour Primary School, and the Massey Community Hub, by Triangle Park, enabling us to create connection in Massey, which, with a population of 27,000 is a challenging achievement. 

Our Mission: 

Provide a local framework to CREATE change, find SOLUTIONS and achieve aspirations

The intention of our mahi (work) is to engage our Massey community in different ways according to their needs, wants and dreams. We are committed to providing opportunities for our people and strive to find new ways to inform and engage them. We want to be a significant part of our community, adding value to their lives through delivery of programmes, events, activities, workshops and opportunities that empower them to thrive.

Our delivery process aligns with the Empowering Communities model used by Auckland Council, and in particular Local Boards, empowering residents to lead change in their own communities. This is true grass roots development and it is where the heart of our mahi begins. 


Originally planned as a dormitory suburb for workers in Auckland Central, Massey has a number of defining characteristics. With the fast growing urban growth in the surrounding areas, new challenges and opportunities are at arising.

  • Massey is the largest suburb in Waitakere with a population of 27,240 (2015 consensus)

  • High proportion of Housing NZ homes and cheap housing developments

  • High Youth population

  • Culturally diverse with over 20 different nationalities

  • It has a rich green belt with the historically and environmentally significant Manutewhau Awa running through it.

  • With a rapidly changing belt of growth at its edges, Massey is facing new challenges, and opportunities for an exciting future.


Massey Matters Office
385 Don Buck Road, Massey

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9:30am — 3:30pm


9:30am - 1:30pm