As a Not for Profit organisation, Massey Matters relies on funding from the Henderson Massey Local Board and the philanthropic generosity of various contestable funding organisations and pools. We would like to express our gratitude for our funders as it not only makes our mahi possible to the benefit of our community, it also provides the team here with jobs that we can’t wait to jump out of bed for.


Henderson Massey Local Board

A huge thanks to our main funders. Their continued support of Massey Matters helps us provide stability and longevity to all that we provide to the community. We are proud to work with them to contribute positively to the Massey Community.

Foundation North

With thanks to funding from Foundation North we have been able to realise a project that has been sitting in the Community dreaming space since 2014. The Massey Food Hub Project: Providing Residents with affordable choices for healthy fresh kai and opportunities to learn how to grow and prepare their own.

Lotteries new.png


Massey Matters began the seed of a Leadership Programme in 2014. Thanks to Lotteries Funding in 2015, this evolved into the BOOST – Launching Community Leaders programme. This has become a successful grassroots leadership programme creating positive change in both the lives of participants and the communities they live in. We are delighted to have received more funding from Lotteries in 2017 to enable us to further develop BOOST and take it West Auckland wide.