manutewhau community hub

We are a community space build for the people of Massey to come in and enjoy. We are a community that supports and encourages people from all walks of life, gender, culture and age. We strive to be inclusive and inviting to all.

The Hub is a vital part of grassroots community development, providing a place for local communities to gather and to access services and activities that enrich their lives. We are always interested in new and exciting initiatives we can get involved with so if you have an idea, let us know.

We aim to be a space that encourages resident led participation not just within the building, but out in the wider community as well, with an emphasis on encouraging community leadership development. We want your experience at the Hub to help you to make new friends, learn new skills, and to gain the confidence to start exploring our community beyond your back doors. 

The creation of the Hub has been a labour of love from the Massey community over several years. We are proud to have such a central space in East Massey that is connected closely to the Manutewhau Stream from where we get our name and our Mana.

Kia Kaha Massey. We look forward to seeing you in the Hub soon. 

Ongoing Activities at manutewhau community hub:



74B Oreil Ave, Westharbour
09 416 9397 | 027 722 1144
Open: 9am — 3.30pm
Monday — Friday 

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