Massey Community Fund Guidelines

Massey Matters is a community development organisation based in Massey, West Auckland.

Our vision is that Massey is a thriving place to live, work, play and grow.

Our mission is to create opportunities to make connections with and between residents, community groups, organisations and agencies. 


The purpose of the Massey Community Fund is to empower residents to lead projects that will contribute to making Massey a thriving place to live, work, play and grow.  

The Massey Community Fund is a successor to the Massey Organisational Fund and Matching Fund with a stronger focus on empowering residents to lead change in Massey. This change is in line with Auckland Council’s Empowered Communities approach.  

The Massey Community Fund is allocated by a panel of people appointed by Massey Matters and is separate to any other Auckland Council funding applications

The Massey Community Fund operates through funding from the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

Who can apply?

Residents of Massey or people and organisations that wish to deliver an activity or project that benefits the residents of Massey.

Projects must be undertaken within the boundaries of Massey (see attached map) or demonstrate that they will provide real benefits to Massey residents.

Applications can be made by an individual, group (two or more people) or organisation working locally in the Massey area.

Applicants under the age of 16 must apply with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Eligibility to apply does not guarantee that the application will be successful.

Funding available

The total funding available each year through the Massey Community Fund is $10,000.

There will be between five or six opportunities to apply for funding each year. See the attached document for the dates for this year.  

Each application is eligible for up to $1,000 of funding.


What can be funded?

Priorities will be given to projects that support residents to connect with each other and participate in the Massey Community or support Massey to be a thriving place to live, work, play and grow.

Projects can be about:

  • Creating a sense of belonging and pride in Massey e.g. neighbourhood based activities.

  • Leading an activity or community group.

  • Providing opportunities to enhance the lives of our tamariki (children).

  • Activities and training for young people (13-18 year olds)

  • Enhancing the quality of life for our senior citizens

  • Supporting ethnic and culturally diverse communities in Massey.

  • Improving the natural and urban environment of Massey.

  • Prevention of family violence

  • An idea that will contribute to making Massey a thriving place to live, work, play and grow.

What will not be funded?

  • Existing projects or activities.

  • Activities or services that are not held/provided within the boundaries of Massey and/or produce benefits for Massey residents.

  • Activities aimed at promoting political party goals.

  • Activities aimed at promoting religious beliefs.

  • Expenses not directly related to the project.

  • Expenditure already incurred.

  • Projects focused on financial gains or profit for the applicants.

Who will assess the applications?

An allocation panel that is made up of three local residents, one Massey Matters Board Member and a member of the Henderson Massey Local Board.

How will applications be assessed?

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The project contributes to making Massey at thriving place to live, work, play and grow.

  • The project has the potential to connect with existing initiatives or lead to other longer term projects or programmes in Massey.

  • The project has support from the community or demonstrates a gap in the community.

  • The project is able to be carried out in the budget and the timeline outlined in the application.

  • Preference for applications will be given to residents or groups of residents living in Massey.

Note: any other forms of assistance from other sources may also be taken into consideration.

What to do if successful in gaining funding?

  • If successful the applicant will sign an agreement with Massey Matters that the project will be completed within six months of funding being granted and that the funding will be used for the purposes outlined in the application form unless a change is agreed to by Massey Matters. Other conditions will be included in the agreement.

  • The applicant will receive support from the Community Network and Fund Coordinator at Massey Matters to write up a project plan.

  • The Community Network and Fund Coordinator will be available over the course of the project to provide advice to the applicant.

  • The applicant must use the funding for the purposes stated in the application. Any money not spent because the project was not started or completed must be returned to Massey Matters.

How to access funds

On approval of your project the requested funds will be available and will be deposited into the nominated bank account when requested / required for the project.

Receipts for all goods and services purchased need to be kept for accountability and reporting requirements.

Reporting on your project

  • Applicants must prepare and present a short report on the outcomes or results from your project.

  • The report should have three sections.

    1. A written report in the template provided by Massey Matters.

    2. Photographs and or video of your project including the process and outcomes of delivering the project.

    3. Financial reporting (What you spent the money on) and receipts for accountability.

  • If required, a Massey Matters staff member can help you with putting your report together.

  • The reporting is due three months after the project end date.

  • Failure to submit the report will require the funding to be returned and mean funding will not be granted in the future.

  • Successful participants will be part of the Massey Celebration event that with showcase their project.

  • Acceptance of funding means you give permission for your project to be used in publicity including facebook, the Massey Matters website and the Massey Community Pulse.

how to apply

How to apply?

Applications must complete an application form and a budget (use the templates provided below).

The application needs to show your own contribution to the project. This contribution can include volunteer hours, donations and sponsorship of money or in-kind goods from individuals, organisations or businesses.

The application form and budget template is available from the Massey Matters website below or by emailing

Applications must be received by the due date to, posted to or dropped into the Massey Community Hub at 385 Don Buck Road, Massey or Manutewhau Community Hub at 74b Oriel Drive, West Harbour.