Vinetta pearce
Massey matters manager

In my role… I oversee and coordinate all aspects of what Massey Matters does plus I champion and advocate for the community.

My fun fact is… I sing in a band

My aspiration for 2019 is… That with our team’s support the Massey Community will step up and help shape the place that they live, work and play.


monique Kauie
Manutewhau Community Hub manager

In my role… I manage the day to day details of running the Manutewhau Hub creating a welcoming environment for our Massey community to come and be a part of.

My fun fact is…  I love watching Korean Drama on Netflix.

My aspiration for 2019… is to get to know and make a difference in the Massey Community.


Tina Ngatai
Manutewhau Community Hub Administrator

In my role… I complete General office duties such as bookings, invoices and the day to day operations of the hub

My fun fact is…  I live life on the edge.

My aspiration for 2019… is Live the life you love, Love the life you live.


Craig Major
Community Activator

In my role… I bring people and community groups together, I look after the Massey Community Fund & help organise events.

My fun fact is…  I have 5 year old twin girls.

My aspiration for 2019… to meet as many people as I can and help the Massey Community.


Adorate mizero
Massey Community Hub Manager

In my role… I take care of the hub, help bring events and projects to life, promote the great activities that take place here & work to build connections with our lovely Massey residents that come into the hub.

My fun fact is… I change my hair every few months!

My aspiration for 2019 is… To grow a healthy herb garden 😊


pearl matthews
Massey Community Hub Administrator

In my role… I meet and greet people and help them hire rooms for programmes and special events they are interesting in achieving and celebrating.

My fun fact is… I love enjoying outside activities with friends and family. Being adventurous.

My aspiration for 2019… is to reassure myself every now and then to be happy,  just remember to enjoy life, no matter what, along with family and friends along the way too.


debbie mcdonald
Massey matters accounts administrator

In my role… I process all financial records income and expenditure, payroll, IRD obligations,  miscellaneous accounting tasks to ensure smooth financial operation of the organisation

My fun fact is… I have been a resident of West Auckland for over 40 years                                                                                         

My aspiration for 2019 is… to be more actively involved with our Massey Matters community projects.


William Howling
Massey matters Youth COordinator

In my role… I coordinate all the youth projects and activities for our youth within our community. I also mentor our kids to direct them and equip them with the right needs for them to enter the big wide world. I also assist in our community events that we run within Massey and also collaborating with other west Auckland youth groups & communities.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

My fun fact is… Since I have started working here at “MASSEY MATTERS” I have been addicted to Toby’s Seafood bar/ Takeaways

My aspiration for 2019 is… to create a better “Me” in all aspects of my health   and well being and to take every opportunity that comes my way.