Massey Youth can

Our calendar this year is jam packed with opportunities to grow, empower and live life at a whole different level. With an amazing leadership group already established you can expect wonderful ideas created from scratch within your community.

MYC is a group for the high school aged youth of Massey. We meet every Wednesday 3.30pm - 5pm.

What you can expect form joining:

  • Help co-create events

  • Leadership development

  • Awesome group activities (Frisbee golf, beach trips, movie nights, pizza …)

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Work ready development

  • Outreach into the community

If you’re a youth yourself and would love to be a part of the journey, look no further and sign up today. Make Massey the place YOU want to grow up in.

The future is yours. What do YOU want it to look like?

Join the Team and become a Leader:

To join the MYC Youth Leadership Group, apply here.

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