Viv Jones

I am a Massey resident for 30+ years, a JP & a Triangle Park Community Gardener

I got involved in Massey Matters as a resident in 2006, joining the Advisory Group / now Governance Committee in 2009.

Previous management roles with Barnardos Waitakere and Waitakere WEA/WEST. WEST ran Driver Education, First Aid, and Sustainable Living classes in Massey. We also partnered with Massey Matters to develop the Massey Employment Gateway programme to support residents into local employment, and the Massey Means Business network to grow small businesses.


Barbara Guy

I am the Manager of the wonderful team of volunteers at Citizens Advice Massey, this gives me a window on the community and its highlights and opportunities for growth

I’ve been involved with Massey Matters since its inception, and have seen it grow and become more responsive to its community.