School Holiday Ideas . . . Joy Jar

Looking for something to do indoors these holidays? 

Here at the Hub we made some Joy Jars for our desks and they have been a huge hit with the afterschool kids. 


What is a Joy Jar you ask? 

A Joy Jar is just a Jar (or any kind of container) that you decorate and fill with random bits and bobs that bring you joy. 

You can use it as a reward for the kids or just as decoration for their room. We have started letting the kids pick one thing from the Joy Jar at the end of the Lego and Homework club to reward them for being extra good. 


The best part is that the contents can be anything! You can really tailor it to who ever is making it. You can make it gender specific, food related or just plain random.

We have a gender neutral random mix of things we got at the local look sharp store.

Joy Jar


How to make:  

Step one: get a containor, jar or box of your choosing and decorate it with pictures and designs and your name or the name of the person you want to give it to. 

Step two: fill the jar with what ever you want. 

Step three: add glitter to make it look pretty (very important step). 

Step four: give to a friend or enjoy for yourself! 



These can be made super low cost and is easy for every skill level. 

They can be made as favors for parties, gifts for a loved one, reward system or just a plain old fun holiday activity. 

If you make a Joy Jar these holidays, make sure you send us a picture!! 


Happy school holidays from Tina and Sam at the Manutewhau Hub. 

Tumeke Massey. 


Sam's Joy Jar
Vinetta Pearce