Massey Matters Gets a New Look!

Tena koutou katoa Massey Whanau! Laurel Belworthy, the manager for Massey Matters would like to introduce you to their new branding:

“I can barely stay still, I am literally dancing with excitement to introduce
you to our brand new branding!

Why did we rebrand? I came to Massey Matters nearly two years ago, at a time of transition – from a council project to an independent organisation. We acknowledge and express gratitude to Henderson Massey Local Board (Auckland Council) who remain our major funders.

At that time, we also began managing the Manutewhau Community Hub, and gained funding from Lotteries to further establish Community Leadership Development – through our BOOST programme. This coincided with big changes in the council, putting the focus firmly on resident led change and development. 

We now had a completely fresh team, which has since grown in numbers and in working hours, benefitting the whole community. 

It was inevitable that with all these changes and new faces, we began to develop a new culture of identity and way of working together. We’re still Massey Matters – and all about Massey – but we’re different now too. We are incredibly proud of who we are, what we have done and what we plan to achieve with you. You matter to us. We simply needed our brand to reflect all of this.

Our vision is to make Massey a thriving place to live, work, play and grow.

Our mission is to create opportunities, through connections and partnerships between residents, tangata whenua, community, groups, organisations and agencies.

Our new brand reflects this – the energy, aroha, playfulness, colour and passion with which we work. This in turn is a reflection of you, our Massey Community Whanau. Come play with us!”

Massey Matters