New Specs For Students

Colwill School Massey students have been very fortunate to be part of a scheme that provides thorough vision testing and free glasses to those requiring them. 

Ricky at Westgate Optometrist found that Colwill School had a lot of children who needed glasses to help them with their learning and living. After their vision tests, the students selected their own spectacle frames.

It is exciting to think how a pair of corrective lenses will positively affect
the students’ futures – Mr Taylor, Principal, can vouch for this as he, as a boy, was finding it tricky trying to learn without being able to see anything on the blackboard, only a few feet away. The whole world opened up and he was able to learn quickly once he got glasses.

The school had a special gathering for Ricky to present the students with their new glasses where the kapa haka group performed magnificently.

Don’t the students all look great in new glasses … and with very trendy frames!

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