New Chicks at Colwill

One of Colwill School Massey’s Year 7 / 8 classes has had the fascinating experience of rearing ten chickens – from incubation and hatching out of the eggs, seeing the newly hatched being wet and weak then so cute and fuzzy, to watching the flight and tail feathers starting to develop. 

Along the way, the children learned about being kind, careful and caring as well as experimenting with some of the amazing things that eggs have been used for such as egg tempera paint and pavlova!

An art work, named CosmosPollitan, by Colwill School Massey students became part of Auckland’s White Night display – a festival of arts and lights showcased in various locations around the city on one Saturday night in March. They created a patchwork of old CDs that they had painted then used the sgraffito technique to scratch their own cultural patterns onto the surface. 

The artwork was displayed at Greenwoods Corner where it glistened in the sunlight or headlights of cars heading to the airport – a link to where the 32 different ethnicities at Colwill had entered Auckland. From a distance, it dazzled, up close the detail was exquisite.  

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