Christian Assist Trust Can Help

We live in a time when many struggle financially. Sometimes it’s because of unemployment. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of understanding about how to manage money well. Christian Assist Trust (CAT) aims to help people of all ages improve their financial situation. CAT is a charitable trust, established in 1991 and now helping individuals and families in and around Massey with:

Financial Education – Over the past three years, over 700 people have attended our financial help courses.  Feedback tells us that, following our financial courses, people are happier and less stressed over their financial situation.

Budgeting support – Many people are unsure of how to manage their money well. We work with you to help make your money go further.

Advocacy – Dealing with government agencies can be confusing, especially as it becomes more internet-based. We walk you through the process of dealing with WINZ etc.

Our services are free – please contact us so we can assist you.
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 3pm
396B Don Buck Road, Massey
ph: 833 5232 or 021 824 220

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