Early Learning Massey Update

Playcentre is a unique early childhood education option for parents. We support parents as first teachers and make the most of the time we spend with our tamariki in their younger years.

As a parent-run cooperative, Playcentre is a space where children can play and learn alongside other children of mixes ages, their siblings, parents or caregivers. It is a safe place where children feel safe with their special adults around while growing in independence from them.

Playcentre empowers our tamariki to initiate play and direct their own learning through a variety of play areas and activities. But it is not just a place for children. It is a community in which adults come together to learn, gain qualifications, socialise and support each other. It’s a family, and one that loves to grow, so come along and check out your local centre. 

Massey Playcentre: 5 Sun Park Place
West Harbour Playcentre: 1/74 Oreil Ave

Other Centres Listing:
Colwill Kindergarten
Phone: 833 9794

Little Kauri at West Harbour School
Phone Caty: 027 500 2009

HIPPY - Home Interaction Programme
for Parents and Youngsters
Phone Mihaela: 027 667 4589

Akongatia Kohanga Reo
Phone: 833 6160

Leataata O Tupulaga ole Pasefika preschool                                                                                              
Phone Laine: 027 241 9692

St.Pauls Kindergarten
Phone: 833 6634

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