Our Tina

Most of us here at Massey Matters are here because of a deep sense of commitment to social equity and developing potential in our communities, because we believe this is the way to create a better world for everyone. At some stage we’ve all had to face the fact that actually we are unlikely to ‘save the world’, and redirected our focus to a local lens of developing others; of seeing the potential, (that they can’t always see themselves), in others and helping them rise to reach it.  This is how we think we can make a difference in the world.

“We rise by lifting others’”

Tina is a local resident who did one of our first Boost courses 3 years ago. She was very shy when she began, but by taking on what she learnt, she was so confident by the end, we offered her some volunteering at the Manutewhau Hub. Fast forward to today, and Tina is employed by us as the Hub Bookings and Social Liaison Coordinator, and runs the After School Homework and Lego Clubs.

“We create leaders as we lead | leaders grow leaders”

More than this, Tina has become a leader in her community. She rose to the challenge of letting her potential shine. It wasn’t always a smooth road, with tenacity and drive, she made it through the road blocks and always came out stronger, more knowledgeable and more confident.  She is role modelling different ways of being for her tamariki and peers in her community. She is fiercely committed to creating opportunities for her community that they too can walk the path she did. One of positive change, personal and professional growth and community leadership. Tina has developed her own programme; Elevate, which she runs from Manutewhau Hub.

Elevate | Lift your life! Lift your community!

Elevate is a programme that provides ways to empower our local community, ways to build confidence and self-esteem with a sense of direction in everyday life situations. Helping others to have the confidence to step out their comfort zone and rise to their potential.  It builds self-esteem, confidence, creates a sense of direction and connects participants building strong communities. It runs from Manutewhau Community Hub, so drop them a message, email, or just pop in and say ‘I’m in!”.

We call Tina, ‘our Tina’ because the whole team has watched her determination, her gutsy never give up attitude, her hunger for growth, and we are so damn proud of what she has achieved. She has our hearts because she has proven to us our mahi is making a difference. You can’t put a price on, or even find the words to express the deeply satisfying feeling that resonates in our souls when we see Our Tina shine. Thank you Tina. Shine on!

Vinetta Pearce