Holiday Programmes Term 1 2019 | Massey & Manutewhau Hubs

We've had an awesome 2 weeks over the holidays with activities for the kids at the Manutewhau Community Hub and the Massey Community Hub (our first time running a holiday programme!).

Everyone got stuck in and had a great time joining in all the activities. At both sites we organised a sports day, baking activities and on the third and final day a cozy movie morning.

A massive thank you to all the parents and volunteers that helped us bring it all together and make it all happen for the children. It takes a village!

Baking_MSCH_Term_1 (8).jpg

Kids playing tag at the Massey Hub after baking activities.

Movie_MSCH_Term_1 (4).jpg

Movie morning at the Massey Hub. The kids watched MNadagascar 3.

InkedBaking_MCH_Term_1 (3)_LI.jpg

Kids enjoying their baking inthe sun at Manutewhau Hub.

Sports day done and dusted at Manutewhau Hub.