The MYC youth (Massey Youth Can) meet every Wednesday after school to plan and run cool activities for our community. They take time out of their week, weekends and countless other hours thinking, planning and dreaming up ways they can do something good for the people of Massey.

We think they do a pretty fantastic job and the the fun people have at their events shows just how successful all their work is.

We decided it was time to give back the love and took some of our MYC youth out to play Frisbee golf to say thanks.

Check out the photos of the kids enjoying the outdoors and having a well deserved fun day out.

Tu Meke MYC

Frizbe golf_2018  (1).jpg
Frizbe golf_2018  (2).jpg
Frizbe golf_2018  (3).jpg
Frizbe golf_2018  (4).jpg
Vinetta Pearce